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Flexible and efficient residential solar solution

The Schneider Electric™ Conext™ RL inverters are specially designed to maximize yields for a wide range of rooftops of detached houses and multiple dwellings. The rich MPPT features, high energy efficiency, partial shading algorithm and a wide temperature and voltage operating range enables you to maximize your ROI. Backed by Schneider Electric’s global service infrastructure and expertise in energy management, the Conext RL series are the inverters you can trust for quality and reliability.

Higher return on investment

  • Best in class conversion efficiency: 97.5% peak efficiency
  • Broad operating range to harvest more energy (early mornings and late afternoons)
  • Higher ROI with dual MPPT
  • Shade tolerant MPPT algorithm designed to minimize the effect of partial shading on the energy output

Designed for reliability

  • Robust design through rigorous Multiple Environmental Over Stress Testing (MEOST) and Temperature Humidity Bias (THB)
  • IP65 compliant rugged, completely sealed unit to stand the harshest environmental conditions


  • Dual MPPTs with wide MPPT voltage range (160-500V*) to support multiple roof orientations
  • Ability to support unbalanced arrays
  • Local as well as remote monitoring options available to track PV plant performance

Easy to service

  • No moving parts (e.g. fans) for low maintenance and increased uptime
  • Easily replaceable communication card
  • Integrated DC switch (optional)

Easy to install

  • Compact unit that allows easy and fast mounting with included bracket
  • Pluggable AC and DC connectors (MC4)
  • Auto country/multilingual configurations

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