Produk ยป MCB DC

C60H-DC 10A 1P (A9N61508)

C60H-DC 16A 1P (A9N61511)

C60H-DC 32A 1P (A9N61515)

C60H-DC 63A 1P (A9N61519)

C60H-DC 10A 2P (A9N61528)

C60H-DC 16A 2P (A9N61531)

C60H-DC 32A 2P (A9N61535)

C60H-DC 63A 2P (A9N61539)

C60PV-DC 16A 2P B Photovoltaic (A9N61651)

C60PV-DC 8A 2P B Photovoltaic (A9N61657)

C60PV-DC 13A 2P B Photovoltaic (A9N61658)

C60PV-DC 15A 2P B Photovoltaic (A9N61659)

C120NA-DC 100A 2P Interrupteur (A9N61701)

C40-1000 PV Cartridge for iPRD-DC 40R (A9L40182)

iPRD-DC 40R 2P Surge Arrester (A9L40281)

  C60PV-DC 8A 2P B Photovoltaic (A9N61657)

Range of Product

  • C60

Device Short Name
  • C60PV-DC

Poles Description
  • 2P

Number of Protected Poles
  • 2

Network Type
  • DC

Curve Code
  • B

Utilisation Category
  • Category A EN/IEC 60947-2

Suitability for Isolation
  • Yes EN/IEC 60947-2

[In] Rated Current
  • 8A

Drop-out Voltage
  • 1384 mV 173 mOhm 11.1 W 8 A

[Ue] Rated Operational Voltage
  • 800 V DC

Magnetic Tripping Limit
  • 5.5 x In

Breaking Capacity
  • 3 kA Icu 650 V DC
  • 1.5 kA Icu 800 V DC

[Ics] Rated Service Breaking Capacity
  • 1.5 kA 100 % 800 V DC
  • 3 kA 100 % 650 V DC

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